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5 Ways to Reduce Your Back Pain

Studies have shown that over millions of people suffer from back pain in one form or another. If you are one of them, you will know that back pain can be very difficult to live with and even tougher to treat. However, hope is not lost. With these helpful tips, you will be well on your way to reducing your back pain.


1) Maintain a Healthy Body Weight
Maintaining a healthy body weight is always a great idea - and not just for reducing back pain. However, when it comes to back pain, your weight be one of the main causes. For individuals who are 20 or 30 lbs overweight, that excess weight is being carried around on a daily basis by the skeleton. Of course, this puts a lot of extra stress and pressure on to the spinal cord, which can then lead to a lot of back pain. Put simply, by reducing your body weight, you can reduce your back pain.


2) Maintain Good Posture
Having good posture will not only make you look better and feel more confident, but it will also help with your back pain. Continually slouching or bending improperly to pick up objects will build up quite a bit of pressure on your spine. Eventually, this pressure will add up and cause spinal pain. By retaining good posture, you will be able to minimize the pain caused by this.


3) Ice and Heat Treatments
Temperature treatments are effective at treating almost any physical pains that you may have, and it is no different when it comes to back pain. If your injury is new, treat it with ice to reduce the swelling and inflammation. For older injuries, heating pads can provide welcome relief from daily pain.


4) Quit Smoking
Most people know that smoking is bad for their lungs and their heart, but many are unaware of the damage that it can do to their back. Because nicotine can cause your small blood vessels to contract or close, blood flow to the soft tissue areas in your back can be decreased. A lack of blood flow to your back is ultimately going to result in quite a bit of back pain.


5) Build your core muscles
For most people, the bulk of their weight is carried in their spine. If you suffer from back pain, it might be time to give your spine some support - from your core. By spending time strengthening your core, you will be able to reduce the strain on your lower back on a daily basis.  Whatever the cause of your back pain, by following these simple tips you are sure to be feeling better in no time. If, however, you are still suffering, it may be time to speak with your primary care physician to come up with a pain management plan.

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